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Texas Coast

My wife and I really love the Texas Coast — especially Port Aransas.
We go as often as we can – but particularly like the “Off Season” as the tourist are all gone, and the students are all back in school.
It is very quiet and peaceful – a great way to kick back and relax, do a little fishing and enjoy the GREAT fresh Sea Food that is always available.

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  1. 08/17/2012

    thanks for the comment on my photographs. It’s amazing how sharp some of these photographs are. I especially like this one though, the contrast and colors are great.

    • 08/17/2012

      Thank you very much — really appreciate your comments
      We do love the coast

  2. 08/20/2012

    Truly beautiful photographs. I’ll be checking in a lot!

    • 08/21/2012

      Thank you very much — and please come back anytime

  3. 08/28/2012

    This is a wonderful selection of beautiful photographs. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that it was not a single image, but a whole gallery! I like the mood – it feels like the sea, to me.

    Cheers, and happy shooting!
    – Drake

  4. 08/30/2012

    What an amazing collection of beautiful photos from the coast and sea! The colors are fantastic. Love it.

  5. 08/30/2012

    I like this gallery! You’ve got some really nice photos! 🙂

  6. 09/3/2012

    Great photos!

  7. 09/5/2012

    Nice blend of photos that tell the coastal story…from shrimping to yachts. Stunning images.I’m partial to the coast, anyway.

  8. 09/9/2012

    These are awesome! My faves are the second one and the one with the two red chairs 😀
    Keep up the good work!

  9. 09/17/2012

    Wow, Art, I’m sure glad you like my post “Death Hollow, Utah”, or I’d have never found your site. Retirement (or selling your co.) suits you just fine. Love your site. And it appears you and your wife have the same likes as my husband and I – water, fishing, dogs, photography, travelling (and that order changes a lot). I’ve often heard how great Austin is; hope we get there someday. Will be visiting more often!

  10. 09/19/2012

    You have somwe great shots here – the boat and roaps,, sunsets- Lovely!

  11. 10/13/2012

    The Texas Coast is a wonderful series. Your photography is really quite good. Thanks for sharing your work.

  12. 10/14/2012

    Nice shots of the Texas coast.


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