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Faces of the Street

When I am shooting “Street” photography, I usually attempt to capture it one of two ways. I am either trying to photograph a “scene” on the street (people walking, talking to each other, etc) or I “Zoom” in on the faces of the individuals in order to explore the character I see there.
This series of photos is a mixed bag of your “everyday” people as well as the “less fortunate” among us.
I am NOT trying to make any kind of sociopolitical statement here — just displaying some photos of what I sometimes see when I am out on the streets.

Hope you enjoy.

The Shoe Box

So where do you put pictures that just don’t seem to “fit” in your other Photo Albums, Galleries, Photo Books, etc ? In my house we usually just put them in a shoe box —
This is a collection of pictures that I like and enjoy — but have ended up in my blog’s……..”Shoe Box”

Hope you enjoy.

Small Town, Texas

Sometimes I like to take off on a whim and drive to some of the small towns around Austin, just to see what turns up to photograph.
I usually don’t get disappointed — as there is almost ALWAYS something to shoot !  Some of these little towns are trying to make themselves into tourist traps in order to survive — while others are just kinda dying a slow death – but – they all have so much character – if you just look deep enough.
This is a photo essay about “things” – not about people — — but I love to talk to some of the “Old Timers” in these little towns — people who have lived there all their lives…….as they certainly have some wonderful and interesting stories to tell if you just take the time to listen.

Hope you enjoy some of these pictures…….