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The Shoe Box

So where do you put pictures that just don’t seem to “fit” in your other Photo Albums, Galleries, Photo Books, etc ? In my house we usually just put them in a shoe box —
This is a collection of pictures that I like and enjoy — but have ended up in my blog’s……..”Shoe Box”

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. 09/17/2012

    Art – you have some really great shots. Nice and clean with a good eye!

  2. 09/17/2012

    What a nice set of pictures… 🙂

  3. 09/17/2012

    I love the title! Shoe Box.

  4. 09/17/2012

    These are lovely, especially your b&w barns and the portraiture. Looking forward to looking around the rest of your site.

  5. 09/17/2012
    Allan G. Smorra

    Great idea and some beautiful photos, Art. Thanks for sharing the Shoe Box with us.

  6. 09/17/2012

    I love shoes & I love this! Great work. 🙂

  7. 09/17/2012

    Wonderful collection of photos.

  8. 09/17/2012

    What a nice set. I find that I have some pics that don’t flow with other sets. This is a nice way to spotlight them.

  9. 09/18/2012

    It’s lovely to see a slide show so varied and interesting!

  10. 09/22/2012

    Great presentation. You have some really great shots.

  11. 09/22/2012

    Nice photos!! Although I just see them as a little gallery below, I can’t see them in large form… don’t know why… :S

  12. 09/24/2012

    Thanks for popping over to my blog Art. I’m happy to have found yours, as your photos are terrific. I’m in Hill Country. :0)

  13. 10/2/2012

    I really like those first two shots. Really great captures!

  14. 10/19/2012

    A very nice collection. The one I like the most is the little one with grandma(?) on the porch swing.

  15. 01/15/2013

    Hello, many thanks for the like and – I must say – going through your pictures is a pleasure. Great colours, composition…and the presentation. You have an eye for detail. Love the closeup of the little birdies. Will be coming back for more!


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