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Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Eeyore’s Birthday Party is a day long festival taking place annually here in Austin, Texas since 1963.  This festival began as a Spring party and picnic for the Department of English students at the University of Texas. It is named for Eeyore, a chronically depressed donkey in A.A. Milne’s “Winnie The Pooh” stories, who, in one story, believes his friends have forgotten his birthday, only to discover that they have planned a surprise party for him.  For many years the party was a U.T. tradition, but subsequently the annual birthday party became a tradition in Austin’s hippie subculture.

The day long party occurs on the last Saturday in April in Pease Park. Bright and diverse costumes are common. In keeping with the original traditions of the event, a live donkey and a May Pole are always present.
Eeyore’s Birthday Party is attended by people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages, some of whom may have been attending for decades.
Austin’s hippie community still puts in a major appearance.

As usual, since I love PEOPLE so much, most of the picture you will see in this photo essay are “close up’s” of the people who attended.

Eeyore’s 50th birthday party will be celebrated on April 27th, 2013…… I can’t wait !