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Austin Power Plant

The first ever “Hot Rod Revolution” traditional style car show was held here in Austin a couple of years ago — and the venue was the “Austin Power Plant”.  While this photo essay is NOT about the car show itself, I have included a couple of pictures of some mighty fine hot rods.  The power plant has been pretty much “off-limits”, fenced in, locked up, blocked off, etc since it was decommissioned in 1989.  While at the car show, I thought it would be pretty neat if I could get inside the plant and check it out — so I walked around to each and every door — and — you guessed it — the very last one was unlocked and slightly open — so I went inside. While most of the large equipment had been removed long ago, I was able to get a few interesting shots (at least to me).

Now for a brief history of the plant:  This was Austin’s #2 Power Plant and was commissioned in 1948 when the City only had 132,000 people. The initial construction phase of the plant was completed in 1950. In 1960, the Plant was renamed for Walter E Seaholm who had served the city for 30 + years in roles such as City Manager, Directory of Utilities and superintendent of water and light. The second phase of construction was completed in 1955. The Plant continued to produce power until 1989 when it became unprofitable to operate and was shut down.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures…….


A gallery of “Doors
I don’t know why doors are of interest to me — maybe because most of the time you don’t really know what lies behind them.
Are they a new beginning – or maybe an ending ?
Are they an obsticle — or a new opportunity?
You just don’t really know until you step through them………